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My name is Radhika (RAAD-ihKAH), and I’m so thrilled you stopped by! It wasn’t long before I caught the blogging bug. and I am still totally in awe that this little blog of mine (that I didn’t think anyone will ever read!) will give me so much joy. To me, this is more than a little hobby project. It is an expression of creativityinspirationgratitude and positivity.

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Culture Shock of coming to home from another home

For any student, moving away from home can be intimidating. No matter how prepared we are, it is inevitable that we’ll have some sort of a negative reaction to our new environment. These negative reactions range from behavioral to physical changes and overall, they are described as ‘culture shock’. And noticeable or not, culture shockContinue reading “Culture Shock of coming to home from another home”

About Me

I am a twenty-something years old idea machine and live in the second smallest and less known state of the U.S. called Delaware. It is amazing here. It has a classic, four-season continental climate, so I get to enjoy all. I am basically your unconventional neighborhood girl who builds up ideas throughout the day andContinue reading “About Me”

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